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Parents' Corner

Questions and Answers

  • My child is left-handed. Can he improve his writing or you suggest him to change from left to right handed?

Answer: Its perfectly fine to be left-handed, as we say Handwriting is brain-writing and it won't make any difference if the pencil is held in the left or right hand. The basic thing to learn is the correct movement of pencil and that improve formation and writing aesthetically and graphologically. No need to change left handed to right handed as we should pursue whatever child is comfortable with and encourage him. 


  • What is the correct age to learn Handwriting?

Answer: The starting age for this course is 6 years. I have trained kids from 6 to 16 years of age, the child should be keen to learn and ready to work on his/her writing as course requires regular practice to show the nice desired results. 

  • My child is writing Print(not joined) since childhood; can he change to Cursive (joined)writing or Vice versa?

Answer: Yes, he can change but before that check the following points.

1. Is the changed writing (Print/Cursive) allowed in his school by teachers?

2. Is he ready to practice regularly after the class as its required regular practice to make the new style of writing his habit?


  • My child writes a few alphabets like a mirror image; can it be solved?

Answer: Yes, as we would be teaching him the pen movement in the right direction and would be practicing a lot during the course duration thus in past lots of students improved upon this problem.


  • When and where would be the classes?

Answer: The classes are conducted in a group. We will try to form small groups of 5-7 kids in your area or around. As and when desired group size is achieved, we can start the program.


  • Duration and timings of the classes?

Answer: The classes are for 25 days for the group of 5-7 kids. The number of days will decrease with the less number of pupil, as time sharing per child would increase proportionally. We decide the timings according to the availability and feasibility of all the kids.