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Life Design Live 

Do You Think Like a Millionaire?

  till 31st March  

First Time in Singapore

What if you could design your life again from the ground up for massive success? You will realize that after you break through inner limitations and limited beliefs you’ll be ready to:

  • Set high goals and achieve them with half of the effort than before.

  • Make more money than you currently feel comfortable making.

  • Be happier in every moment than you ever were before.

  • AND expand your “comfort zone” so you really can live magnetically, attracting success.

You will begin to make decisions differently than before. Let go of fear and embrace confidence in your future.

​When you unleash the inner Unstoppable YOU, you can go after your BIGGEST GOALS with certainty and focus. Within days and weeks, you will begin to achieve more with a sense of ease and flow than you could have previously imagined was possible.

Even if you don’t believe it now…life can be easy. Life can be abundant.

We will help you “reprogram” you unconscious mind to ADOPT a new outlook on life. When you change the “frame” of your perceptions, your emotions change instantly.

This is your opportunity to discover the secrets of designing your life with intention and purpose.

Key takeaways from the event

  • Adopt the belief systems & habits of Millionaires

  • Re-wire your brain at the unconscious level

  • Change your Internal Voice & Thoughts for Good

  • Identify and Overcome 3 Sabotaging Fears

  • Design your Destiny & Much more....



Life Design Live: Do You Think Like A Millionaire?


Saturday April 21st, 2018

  • Registration begins at 5:00 pm. Light snacks with Tea/Coffee will be served.

  • Session will start sharp 6:00 pm followed by dinner at 8:30 pm

  • Want to talk to our event staff?

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