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Nidhi, founder-director of Write2Win, a company, which entertains and rewards your valued clients with an unforgettable experience of their personality snapshot by Graphology (a science to understand a person’s personality through writing).

We help event organizers to deliver a unique experience to their clients, create fun and memorable experience, thereby giving them a unique proposition and gain publicity for creating an un-forgetful experience; Helps to build secure connections with clients. People cherish, as the most exciting topic for anyone is self, know thyself and cherish that moment for life.


Write2Win Rocks. Nidhi you are bang on in your analysis - Peter, Event Attendee.

Thanks, for Amazing Experience once again Nidhi, our client loved it - Mont Blanc Executive

I can’t believe that Handwriting can tell so much about a person’s personality, great job Nidhi – Lee Chong