Handwriting Analysis & what it Reveals

Handwriting Analysis is a scientific method of identifying, evaluating and understanding a person's personality through the strokes and patterns revealed by one's Handwriting. No two Handwritings are identical just like fingerprints. Below are some traits, you can match with it with your Handwriting and see the magical power of graphology how it reveals person personality.

There are approx 151 traits and their combination, so if nothing is matching in your writing and if you want to know more, click the below button.

Knowing what Personality your Handwriting reveals can help you better understand why you are the way you are. It can be very enlightening for you and your family, and you can work on your weaknesses and shine your strengths.

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How does Handwriting Analysis work
When we were young, we learned how to write "ABC". After repeating it a thousand times, these alphabets sinks in our subconscious mind just like our thoughts. When we write something, then we have to only think of the meaning, and our subconscious mind sends tiny electrical impulses to your hand telling you exactly how far to go and how to make each letter within the word. That's why it is also called brainwriting.

How handwriting reveals Personality
Research scientists in the fields of neuroscience have categorized neuro-muscular movement tendencies as its correlated with specific observable personality traits. A neurological brain pattern represents each personality trait. Each neurological brain pattern produces a unique neuro-muscular movement that is the same for every person who has that personality trait. Each written movement or stroke reveals a specific personality trait.

Personality Secrets Reveal By Handwriting Analysis: Hand written note can reveal hidden personality traits of a person, which can help him/her to know their basic personality outlay, weaknesses to improve upon and strength to built upon. Below are a few such traits:
- Desires and Emotions
-Creativity and Imagination
-Intelligence, Thinking Pattern
-Goals, Self Esteem
-Determination, Will power (Handwriting analysis is the only psychological tool to identify this)
-Fears and Defense
-Weaknesses to improve upon

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